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4.0 ( 1680 ratings )
旅游 社交
开发 Arnaud Jordan

With this app you can chat and meet people from Japan who are interested by foreigners.
The app is very simple to use, anybody can post a stamp on a public wall and you can send message (text, photo and stickers) to any user you want.
Find the people you like and send them message! You can select languages you can speak to only see messages in those languages.
There are no in-app purchase, the application is totally free.
You can speak about anything you want such as about Japanese culture language or simply about daily life.

List of functionality:
*No registration
*Posting on a public wall
*Exchanging message (text, photo and stickers)
*Building your own profile page
*Selecting languages you want too see

**User contract
All inappropriate comportments are forbidden.
Concretely, bellow cases are forbidden.
*Comportment forbidden by law
*Inappropriate comportment
*Sexual comportment
*Behaviors which can annoy other users

Any account which is in those case will be blocked.
User can block and signal user on their profile page.
You must be more than 18 years old to user the app.
You must accept present contract to use the app.